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Los Altos Resort http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com Wed, 28 Mar 2018 20:50:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 7 Reasons to Choose a Luxury Hotel in Manuel Antonio http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/7-reasons-to-choose-a-luxury-hotel-in-manuel-antonio/ Fri, 09 Mar 2018 01:56:48 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=3153 hotel in Manuel Antonio

Over 60% of people plan to take a trip this year.

But when it comes to choosing a destination, many travelers go with Costa Rica. In fact, it’s the most recommended travel destination in the world.

Finding the perfect hotel, on the other hand, is often a bit more challenging.

Want to get the most of your vacation in Costa Rica? Let’s look at a few reasons why booking a stay at a luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio allows you to experience the best this Central American gem has to offer!

1. They Have Breathtaking Views

Costa Rica is home to lush jungles with exotic wildlife and glistening beaches. But you won’t get a good view of either at your average hotel.

A luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio, however, has accommodations that give you a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to leave your room. For example, get the best of both worlds with an ocean and jungle view suite. You could also watch the gorgeous sunset over the ocean from the comfort of your penthouse.

On top of this, you’ll find many scenic activities nearby. Explore the tropical landscape on horseback, or go zip-lining through the rainforest. Top things off by going whale watching on a boat tour.

2. The Food is Unbeatable

Great food can take a hotel experience to the next level. Thankfully, luxury hotels serve plenty of it.

But you can forget about the typical, underwhelming continental breakfast most hotels offer. Instead, imagine waking up to a mouthwatering breakfast buffet with endless options.

From creamy pancakes that melt in your mouth to freshly picked fruit, the selection you find at a luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio is sure to please.

Plus, a five-star hotel in Costa Rica also offers a large variety of dishes on their lunch and dinner menus. Stop by their onsite restaurant to enjoy savory meals prepared by gourmet chefs who use fresh local ingredients. Feel free to drop in for happy hour too.

3. You Get the Spa Treatment

Going on vacation to Costa Rica involves fun, excitement, and adventure. After all, there are countless activities you can fill your day with. But you need some time to kick back and relax as well.

If you’re feeling tense, a luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio has just what you need to invigorate your mind and body: spa treatments. Unwind with a soothing massage session from a highly qualified and experienced professional. Enjoy the spectacular ocean view in the background, which adds to the ambiance.

Afterward, cool off by taking a refreshing dip in the pool. You can end the day by soaking in the hot tub.

4. The Customer Service is Exceptional

When you stay at a luxury hotel, you won’t get the bare minimum level of customer service that you do at other hotels. Instead, you’ll feel like royalty during your stay. The staff will go out of their way to accommodate you, and you can expect nothing less than polite behavior.

As soon as you step through the gate, everyone from the guards to the restaurant staff will greet you with a warm, welcoming smile. The cleaners will make sure that you don’t have to worry about doing any chores.

You’ll also benefit from around-the-clock concierge services. If you want to set up activities for the day, you can let them take care of the booking for you.

5. You Can Lounge on a Private Beach

Sometimes you just want to escape from the rest of the world. There’s no better way to do so than by visiting a secluded beach. The good news is that many luxury hotels have their own private beach on the hotel grounds.

In most cases, traveling from the hotel to the beach is easy. Luxury hotels often provide a shuttle service so you can get around smoothly, and all you have to do is request it. That said, you can also follow the trail if you’re in the mood for a short walk.

You’re bound to get hungry and thirsty at some point. When this happens, the hotel staff will usually provide you with food and drinks right near the beach.

6. It’s Easy to Get a Workout In

You may want to stay active while on vacation. However, budget hotels typically don’t have a gym. Even if they do, they rarely have the right workout equipment.

In comparison, many luxury hotels have a full-blown fitness center available to guests. There you’ll find everything from stationary bikes to treadmills to barbells. So whether you want to do light cardio or intense strength training, a luxury hotel has you covered.

If you prefer exercising outdoors, the private beach provides the perfect setting for a morning jog. There are often a few hiking trails near the hotel as well, so you should have several options to pick from. Also, the outdoor pool is a great place to do a low-impact cardio workout or go for a quick swim.

7. They Have Superior Room Amenities

We’ve come to expect standard room amenities such as WiFi, towels, and hairdryers. But as soon as you walk into your luxury hotel room, you’ll quickly notice that you’re getting much more than just that.

For starters, many luxury hotel rooms have a mini bar. You may also find a room safe, which allows you to keep your personal items secure.

Even standard amenities such as TVs get an upgrade when you stay in a luxury suite. Instead of staring at a small TV, you’ll enjoy your entertainment on a giant screen.

Staying at a Luxury Hotel in Manuel Antonio

The seven reasons listed above give you a good idea of what it’s like to get pampered at a luxury hotel. Compared to average hotels, luxury hotels offer superior comfort, service, and privacy.

During your stay at a luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio, make sure to take advantage of all the amenities, such as a fitness center or spa. Also, consider allowing expert concierge services to help plan your fun-filled daily activities.

Ready to book your next unforgettable trip to Costa Rica? Get started by checking out our Manuel Antonio vacation packages!

10 Reasons to Take a Luxury Costa Rica Vacation http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/10-reasons-to-take-a-luxury-costa-rica-vacation/ Fri, 26 Jan 2018 21:44:31 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2936 luxury Costa RicaApproximately 1.7 million tourists travel to Costa Rica each year.

Why? Because Costa Rica is one of the most magical places on earth. It pretty much defines the ideal vacation.

Whether you’re looking to find relaxation, peace, and quiet, adventure through the rainforest and volcanic mountains, or experience exotic wildlife, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

Here are just 10 reasons why you definitely need to take a luxury Costa Rica vacation.

1. Eco-Friendly Tourism

If you want to really indulge in nature, serenity, and relaxation, there is no better place to travel than Costa Rica.

Costa Rica prides itself on being one of the world’s top ecotourism destination. It is a country that considers the environment first and foremost.

An estimated 26% of Costa Rica’s cloud forests, rainforests, beaches, and lands are either government protected, national parks, or wildlife reserves. What does this mean for tourists?

The air is as fresh and clean as it gets. Picture yourself taking a deep breath and relaxing.

It also means you get to see vasts amounts of nature including wildlife (monkeys, birds, etc.) and marine life, relax on serene gorgeous beaches, and witness rare un-developed parts of Central America. There is truly nothing like it.

2. The Food: Fresh and Yum

Conservation and sustainable local agriculture make the food and water in Costa Rica top notch.

Many hotels have their own gardens or purchase foods locally, ensuring your meals as fresh as they come.

You can almost guarantee all the food you’re eating is organic, too. Organic agriculture is extremely important to Costa Ricans.

Oh, and the drinks? Luxury Costa Rica hotels and bars use fresh local ingredients for those, too! Trust me– you won’t have to worry if you’re getting our vitamins for the day and you’ll be asking for another in no time.

3. Coffee-Lovers Paradise

Costa Rica is one of the largest coffee exports in the world. Why? Because they grow amazing coffee.

The high altitudes and volcanic soils make Costa Rica the perfect place for growing Arabica coffee beans.

Plus, much of the coffee beans in Costa Rica are grown sustainably, organically, and on small family farms. This makes the coffee fair trade and all the more flavorful and unique.

Whether you want to sip your five-star coffee while lounging by the beach or pool or adventure out to coffee plantations for a tour, Costa Rica has it all.

4. Adventure

Costa Rica has something for every type of adventurer.

If you like to seek adventure in nature, then there is zip-lining, canopy tours, hiking, volcano touring and mud baths, waterfalls, and relaxing hot springs.

How about recreation? Horseback riding, mountain biking, ATVs, and more await.

And of course, there are wildlife adventures, too. You can explore butterfly gardens, marine life, and rainforest conservations anywhere in Costa Rica.

Horseback riding, waterfalls, mountain biking, coffee tours, hot springs, butterfly gardens, you name it.

5. Watersports

Costa Rica is surrounded by water which means watersports are second nature.

With most luxury Costa Rica vacations, you have options to book water adventures.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, or fishing will show you some of Costa Rica’s amazing marine life up close and personal.

Surfing, white water rafting, jet skiing, and waterfall rappelling are options for the extremists out there.

For those of you who prefer more calm water adventures, you can find kayaks, paddle boards, hot springs, and of course swimming at your fingertips.

6. Retreats

Costa Rica is home to many retreats for every type of hobbyist.

While there are specific luxury Costa Rica yoga retreats, you can actually find yoga included with almost all luxury hotels in Costa Rica. Yoga has become a large part of Costa Rican culture.

Other retreats you can find include surfing, Spanish immersion, sustainability, photography, wellness, detox, and even paddle boarding.

7. Pura Vida Culture

“Pura vida” in Spanish means “pure life” in English. This phrase is the theme of Costa Rica.

What it really means is to live life to the fullest; to live your best, truest life.

Pura Vida reins throughout Costa Rica, not just in the speech. It is a way of life that results in a slower pace, a laid-back atmosphere, friendliest, gratitude, and compassion for one other.

Oh, and it also means that Costa Ricans love to have fun and live life up!

8. Wildlife and Nature

All the many reserves in Costa Rica protect wildlife. But, you don’t have to visit a reserve or conservation garden to see exotic animals. They are everywhere in Costa Rica in their natural habitats.

You can visit a butterfly reserve, dine surrounded by bats, and explore thousands of bird species in Costa Rica.

Almost anywhere in the country, you’re bound to see monos (monkeys). And they are adorable, by the way.

The month I lived in Costa Rica, I fed white-faced monkeys out of my hand, saw toucans, butterflies galore, a red snake, wild chickens, many iguanas and lizards, and more.

Plus, there are 9 different volcanos to see in Costa Rica, as well as gorgeous lakes and pristine beaches.

9. The People

Costa Ricans, or “Ticos” as the locals say, are some of the happiest and nicest people in the world. It could be because their country is ranked one of the happiest places to live on earth.

Costa Ricans enjoy universal healthcare, have no military, and never take life for granted. They are proud people who are willing and happy to share their country and history with you.

They are also some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. Don’t be surprised if a Tico asks you to come home for dinner, to meet his/her family, offers you a tour, or offers to take you fishing. Seriously.

10. Happy Hour

Happy hour in Costa Rica is pretty much all day.

Obviously, if you stay at an all-inclusive resort, your drinks and food will be provided without additional charge. But for those of you who like to venture away from the resort and get a taste of the local culture, cuisine, and experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Some places are more expensive than others, sure. The price of food and drinks in Monteverde, for example, will cost more than those in Guanacaste. However, despite where you travel to in Costa Rica, you’ll find great happy hour deals.

Whether it’s 2 for 1 or$2 margaritas (and Costa Rica makes some of the best and freshest margaritas), you can’t go wrong. It’s likely you’ll meet other travelers, too.

Book your Luxury Costa Rica Vacation Today

So, what are you waiting for?

As you can see, Costa Rica has something for every type of traveler. The common core is that it is a relaxing, enjoyable, and peaceful place.

Los Altos result is the perfect place to enjoy a luxury Costa Rica vacation. It includes luxury amenities surrounded by unbelievable views and tropical nature.

Our accommodations include rainforest suites, treetop bungalows, ocean views, and more. We also offer vacation packages to suit your desires.

Get in touch today and let’s help you plan your next dream vacation.

10 Breathtaking Sights to See in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/10-breathtaking-sights-to-see-in-manuel-antonio-costa-rica/ Tue, 02 Jan 2018 00:10:30 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2918 costa rica adventuresThinking about booking a trip to Costa Rica?

Then you need to learn about Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. If you plan to make a stop there during your Costa Rica adventures, then we’re here to help.

Check out these 10 sights to see and do during your Costa Rica vacation.

1. Costa Rica Adventures In Manuel Antonio National Park

If you’re visiting Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, your trip will not be complete without a stop in their famous national park.

Manuel Antonio National Park is famous for having activities for everyone who visits.

The park offers some of the country’s best-kept beaches such as Manuel Antonio Beach and Espillada Sur Beach.

The beaches are perfect for relaxing, swimming, and other activities.

If you’re a nature lover at heart than you’ll sure be in the right place. Manuel Antonio National Park is home to a diverse wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, iguanas, hundreds of species of birds, and many more.

2. Playa Biesanz

Once you’re in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, you’ll be visiting many of their charming beaches just like everyone else.

If you’re looking for a more private beach, then head to Playa Biesanz, which is one of Manuel Antonio’s hidden gems.

Visit Playa Biesanz if you want to spend some quieter time during your many Costa Rica Adventures.

Don’t think this beach is not kid friendly because it is because it’s located in the bay the waves are calm.

Getting to playa Biesanz will be a walk away, so make sure you put on your walking shoes because the walk will be worth it.

3. Hiking

Who wouldn’t want to hike one of the most exotic trails in the world? The hiking trails in Manuel Antonio will provide you a peek and one on one encounter with the country’s exotic wildlife.

Since there tend to be fewer people on the hiking trails, animals are undisturbed and you can catch them in their natural habitat.

You will also enjoy trails leading to waterfalls, exotic flowers, plants, and the hike will end at one of the many beaches.

4. Punta Serrucho Viewpoint

If you want to find a breathtaking view overlooking Manuel Antonio National Park, then you need to make it to Punta Serrucho viewpoint.

You will get a chance to look at the view from one of the most breathtaking viewpoints in the national park.

5. The Nightlife

Don’t think in your many Costa Rica adventures all you’ll be doing is spending time in nature. Manuel Antonio is also known for its incredible nightlife.

At the end of a long day of hiking, relaxing by the beach, and swimming you can let loose at one of the many local bars.

If you want to put your party shoes on, you can show your Cumbia dance moves and impress the locals.

The nightlife in this town has influences from many countries, so the food, music, and drinks will not disappoint you.

6. Horseback riding

Don’t say goodbye to your Costa Rica adventures until you try horseback riding.

If you want to plan a romantic day, what a better way than to try horseback riding while you enjoy the great landscape of Manuel Antonio.

You’ll be able to ride while you spot wildlife, and while you check out pastures, waterfalls, and rivers.

And when you’re ready to take a break, you can get off the horse and enjoy a picnic.

7. Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

If you’re ready to enjoy more than just the beauty of the wildlife in the jungle than set to the waters.

The warm 80-degree central Pacific waters make it perfect for you to engage in scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you decide to venture into the waters for some snorkeling and scuba diving, you will discover rare fish, coral, sea turtles, reef shark, eel, and many other species.

8. Waterfall

Waterfalls in Manuel Antonio are hidden gems! People don’t go to Manuel Antonio just for the beaches.

When people explore the jungles of the national park while on their hikes, they tend to encounter hidden waterfalls where they can stop and cool off.

Take Waterfall trail if you want to make a stop while hiking.

9. Paddleboarding and Water Activities

If you enjoy more than just laying out and relaxing on the beach, chances are you like to be active.

Water activities are popular in Manuel Antonio. You can take on standup paddleboarding. Enjoy paddleboarding in some of the calm waters while you the view.

You can also enjoy kayaking in Damas Island while you float through all of the mangrove leaves.

If you want something a bit more relaxing, you can float through the waters while you go tubing or enjoy some whitewater rafting.

10. Wildlife Encounters

We’ve already mentioned you will casually run into the many of the species of wildlife if you decide to hike and venture into the Manuel Antonio National Park.

If you don’t want to take your chances encountering wildlife, you can hire a nature guide and book a jungle expedition so you can find all those animals native to the region.

A nature guide will have a better idea of where to find all those animal species such as three-toed sloths, iguanas, insects, rare species of frogs and others.

And if you love rare birds, look up to the trees to find toucans, parrots, macaws, and many others.

Ready to Plan your Costa Rica Adventures?

Manuel Antonio has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy relaxing beaches, jungles, hiking, and waterfalls.

For many years people have been loving the charm of Manuel Antonio.

Since 2001, we have been providing guests visiting Manuel Antonio and unforgettable experience.

Contact us and let us make your trip unforgettable.

10 Tips for Planning an Awesome Costa Rica Family Vacation http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/10-tips-for-planning-your-costa-rica-family-vacation/ Fri, 15 Dec 2017 20:49:23 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2875 If you’re organizing a trip to Costa Rica, you’re probably preparing for the time of your life. So much so in fact, that you don’t even know where to begin your search for activities and things to do.

Of course, you should make a checklist of things that sound appealing. But depending on how long you plan to stay may also determine your itinerary. And, you should think about what you plan to do when you get there so you can pack accordingly.

Let’s face it, if you’re not prepared for a Costa Rica family vacation, you’re still going to have a blast. It’s just that the more you know about what to expect when you get there, the more adventures await you.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

Get your checklist ready because we’re covering the top ten tips for planning your Costa Rica family vacation. Try and see if you can accomplish each one when you get here.

Bird Watching

A Costa Rica family vacation is the perfect time to take in nature together and seek out some of the most exotic birds in the world.

There are nearly 840 species of birds found in Costa Rica ranging from Macaws to Toucans and they are all each as beautiful as the last. You can probably see them flying outside your hotel window on most occasions. But wouldn’t it be nice to get up close and personal?


Kayaking is another fun way to bring the family together for an outdoor adventure.

You can find sea kayaking tours that will take you the Manuel Antonio National Park Pacific Coastline. Immerse yourself in the bright blue waters and keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles and pelicans.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and a change of clothes in case you get wet.

Catamaran Tours

Take a half day trip away from the land and get your sea legs ready. You’re going on a catamaran tour.

These sailboats will take you past isolated islands and rocky coastlines to calm bays with towering cliffs where you can snorkel and lounge on secluded beaches.

You can plan for morning or afternoon tours. Most tours include snacks and drinks. You can ask tour operators about bringing your own food or other items.

Nighttime Rainforest Tours

Pack your camera and some hiking shoes for this adventure that you don’t want to miss. A Costa Rica family vacation wouldn’t be the same without a Nighttime Rainforest Tour. Experience the night like you never have before, and maybe never will again.

Your tour guide will take you through the rainforest for three hours to learn about the nightlife. You’ll find snakes and lizards, lots of frogs, bats, owls, and more. Don’t be scared yet, you’ll also get to walk along one of the suspension bridges, in the dark.

Boat Tours

What better way to spend your Costa Rica family vacation than out on the open sea? Or splashing along one of the sandy beaches?

Spend a full day on a private yacht lounging or swimming in paradise. You can see dolphins and whales while you listen to them underwater with a hydrophone. Stop at the beach and have lunch served before you go paddleboarding or kayaking.

If you choose a boat tour for your Costa Rica family vacation, you won’t be disappointed.


You’ll find teams of wildlife along your hike in Costa Rica’s diverse landscape.

You can find mild to moderate tours that guide you through the mountain ranges that form some of the most beautiful and lush scenery in the world. It will be an educational experience for your whole family.

Look for birds, anteaters, and monkeys on your hike. They’ll see you!


Manuel Antonio is one of the best places in Costa Rica to go snorkeling for its calm waters and many reefs.

You can find gigantic schools of fish and so many varieties of the tropical kind. Besides that, the reef thrives on different kinds of fish so spend your time there and find them all.

Most tours last about three hours and they’ll provide fruit and water midway through your adventure. You’ll probably make two separate stops snorkeling for about an hour at each location.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Look for monkeys and sloths on your hike through the Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s one of Costa Rica’s most stunning and biologically diverse national parks where you’ll find several trails through the rainforest that lead to white sandy beaches.

There are tropical butterflies, orchids, iguanas, and snakes among the other wildlife you’ll see on your tour.

Tours are educational and last about three hours. It’s something for the whole family to enjoy.

Horseback Riding

Have an enchanting experience together as a family and book a horseback riding tour in Manuel Antonio.

Some tours available will ride you through the jungle in a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top for an hour and a half before you even arrive at your horses. You can stop and change into swimsuits for the destination ahead. Waterfalls.


Don’t forget to throw sometime in to simply relax and be on vacation. There will be plenty of time for adventure at every other turn.

Go to the beach with a book and simply enjoy the Pacific coast air, the bright blue waters at your feet.

Booking Your Costa Rica Family Vacation

Whatever you decide to do on your Costa Rica family vacation, don’t forget to book a stay at one of the finest resorts in Manuel Antonio.

You can find rooms that have a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean or suites that give you a first-hand view of the rainforest outside your window. Or maybe you’d like a treetop ocean and jungle view to be sure you can get a glimpse of it all in one sitting.

When you’re ready to book a suite, or if you have questions, feel free to contact us. We hope your stay will be luxurious and spectacular.

How to Spend Your Winter in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/spend-your-winter-in-manuel-antonio-costa-rica/ Thu, 16 Nov 2017 16:19:51 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2859 Winter can bring many difficulties that make our day-to-day existence a little less than thrilling. From bundling you and your dogs up for the daily dog walks to shoveling snow and ice of your car, winter can be a nasty female pooch.

Unless you’re an Eskimo or Elsa from Frozen, you probably need some reprieve from the winter world of snow and freezing temperatures. It’s time to consider your mid-winter, summer vacation.

Many predictable people go to Hawaii, Brazil or Mexico for their warm get-a-ways, but have you ever considered Costa Rica? Stand out from the crowd with a get-a-way that will be anything but overcrowded and basic.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is the place for your this winter. Not only is it affordable, it’s beautiful and easy to get to.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica From Air

Here’s exactly how to spend your winter vacation this year under the warm Costa Rican sun:

First Stop In Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, The National Park

You can not travel to the beautiful country of Costa Rica without experiencing it’s most famous national park. The park is full of everything from sloths and monkeys to exotic birds and beautiful animals.

By simpling walking the main trail you’ll get an eyeful of the best wildlife that Manuel Antonio Costa Rica has to offer. You’ll see birds nesting and hatch new eggs as well as baby monkeys who will come forth and greet you.

The paths have been improved recently with grooming and manicured jungle care. Some of these gorgeous pathways will even lead you to private, secluded beaches where you and your mate can have a romantic picnic.

Not hungry? Don’t worry, there are other things to do on a secluded beach.

There are spectacular viewpoints that will be perfect for the best photos to make everyone green with envy via your Instagram post. There are waterfalls along the way when you get warm and need to take a dip to cool off.

The park can sometimes be traffic heavy during December-April, so educate yourself on the cap number for daily visitors. This national park in Manual Antonio Costa Rica is best when journeyed through in the earlier hours of the day for a peaceful and serene hike.

Sport Fish

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to sportfish. You will definitely catch the trophy fish of your dreams by sportfishing around the Quepos. There are Sailfish, Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna and even Mahi Mahi.

Have you beeing dying to catch a Wahoo? We’ve got that too in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. There is fantastic fishing inshore as well. Inshore you can find Roosterfish, Snook, delicious Red Snapper, Mackerel, and Jacks.

Do your research when you decide on which boat to hire to take you out. You need a captain who really knows the areas, the waters, the fish and their habits. Schedule your booking in advance as there are many discounts to be found if you book before the rush.

Eat, Eat, and then Eat Again

Some of the best food in Costa Rica is found in Manuel Antonio. It offers fine dining and restaurants with everything from Italian to American Fare. However, if you’re going to Costa Rica, choose the best Costa Rican restaurants to get a taste of the traditional culture.

Experience delicious fresh-off-the-boat seafood and even find a place that will cook that fish you caught earlier that morning for you.

Karolas Restaurant and Bar

Check out the Karolas Restaurant and Bar for great seafood or American contemporary dishes. Check out the best spot by the pool and have one of their custom cocktails.

El Patio de Cafe Milagro

Check out El Patio de Cafe Milagro for the freshest cup of coffee in town. It’s a local roaster. Buy a few bags of beans to take home with you back to your winter solstice. At least you’ll be able to warm yourself up with a cup that will fill your soul with memories from Costa Rica.

They also offer three meals a day and use many local ingredients. Try the banana pancakes or the mango crepes. They have brined meats for dinner that are delicious, too.

Barba Roja

This go-to restaurant in Manuel Antonio has been around since 1975. There are delectable smoked ribs and an incredibly friendly staff. They offer 2-for-1 burgers and live music on Tuesdays, so don’t miss it if you happen to be in town.

The good food and great Costa Rican music make it quite a hot spot for both locals and tourists. You know what they say, go where the locals are! At sunset, you will have the best food in town while you cheers with a local beer and enjoy a perfectly grilled steak.

Follow your meal up with a glass of wine and some tropical desserts made from fresh fruit from the area.

Stay at The Preserve at Los Altos

Since you’re coming all the way to Costa Rica, you might as well indulge a little. This luxury hotel is a true escape from your home during the winter. It is a one-of-a-kind hotel and is set amidst beautiful, lush, green jungle nature.

At The Preserve at Los Altos Hotel, you’ll get both jungle and ocean views. It is an intimate property and is the perfect fit for a couple looking for a romantic and fiery stay. With fantastic customer service and great options from $200-$500, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

Hit The Beach

Last on our list but only because it’s already on the forefront of your mind are the local beaches of Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. These gorgeous, pristine, white sandy. beaches will have you coming back year after year.

The blue, turquoise colored water and bright colored fish will make for a vibrant and exciting day at the beach.

Go Costa

Costa Rica is one of the best places to visit in 2017. It’s also much safer than some of the options south of the equator has to offer. From incredible dining to lush jungle, you’ll find days full of thrilling adventures.

From where to say and which beaches to visit, contact us today to help you plan the perfect getaway!

5 Places You Must Visit During Your Trip To Manuel Antonio http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/5-places-you-must-visit-in-manuel-antonio/ Thu, 05 Oct 2017 20:16:04 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2838 Long before Ponce de Leon discovered Manuel Antonio in 1519, the Quepoa were happily living there and enjoying of nearby rivers, jungles, beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and of course, the ocean and all the bounty it had to offer.

The Quepoa were known as the fiercest tribe in the region and the second most feared tribe in all of South America. Ponce de Leon must have easily figured that out when he was met by a thousand screaming warriors armed with blowgun darts with a deadly venom gathered from a native frog species.

Luckily, it’s much safer to visit Manuel Antonio in this century and you’ll find the locals are a lot less intimidating. So pack your bags, because we’re sharing our five favorite places to visit during your trip to Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

1. Manuel Antonio National Park

You’ll have the time of your life visiting Manuel Antonio National Park because it’s teeming with activities, beaches, wildlife, and adventure. There are expansive white beaches to explore that are backed up by a stunning evergreen forest that actually grows right up to the high tide line.

You’ll find primary forests, secondary, forests, mangrove swamps, lagoons, and beach vegetation. But that’s not all, you could spend the whole day taking in the varied flora and fauna found there, but then you’d miss the 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds also native to this park.

As if that’s not enough, if your timing is right, you might be able to view dolphins and even migrating whales just off the coast.

There are plenty of packages, activities, and you can even hire a private guide to take you around.

2. Visit and Learn How to Help Kids Saving the Rainforest

If you think kids aren’t capable of making big changes in this world, think again and then visit the Kids Saving the Rainforest located in the Manuel Antonio rainforest.

This 501 (c) nonprofit was founded in 1999 by two 9-year-old girls who wanted to educate people around the world about the ecological importance of the rainforest.

They also set up programs preserving and protecting the rainforest and its wildlife. Caring for abandoned, sick, and injured animals at the Wildlife Rescue Center are one of their missions and they have helped mono titi monkeys increase from a population of 1200 to 3700.

If you’re feeling inspired, you can also make a donation or just donate some of your time while you’re visiting.

3. Zipline at El Santuario Canopy Adventure

Since Costa Rica is the birthplace of ziplining, you really should take at least one day and hit El Santuario Canopy Adventure. While the zip lining over the canopies of 500 acres of primary and secondary jungle and rainforest, you’ll also have the opportunity to view a lot of cool plants and animals.

Anyone from four-year-olds to 87-year-olds is welcome to come for the adventure and stay for the views. Butterflies, wild orchids, and hummingbirds are all waiting for you to zip past them on the longest twin zip lines in all of South America.

If you’re worried about safety, don’t be. The folks here make it their number one priority and perform safety and proper operation inspections daily. They also took every care to ensure the proper equipment and instructions are given before each guest enjoys their ride.

They even made it possible for you to easily control your speed so you can take the time to enjoy the amazing sights that zip lining over a rainforest will offer you.

4. Go Whitewater Rafting

If ziplining wasn’t enough adventure for you, we’re not through because you’ll find plenty of thrills and chills while whitewater rafting. Since there are two rivers near Manuel Antonio, you’ll have a few trips you can choose from.

You can choose either a half day trip or a full day trip down the Naranjo River or the Savegre River. These are fun trips for the whole family and kids from as young as five can go since they only reach a category II-III rapids. Best of all, the Savegre River is actually the cleanest river in all of South America.

You can also choose to go tubing or sea kayaking if whitewater rafting isn’t your thing and if you’re not into going on a day trip, they do offer sunset kayaking.

5. Kayak Through Mangroves at Damas Island

The Damas Island Estuary is just 15 minutes away from Manuel Antonio. Here you’ll be able to kayak through the mangroves. Mangroves are created when ocean waters meet freshwater rivers.

These are protected inland waters and as a result, you’ll enjoy viewing plenty of wildlife living within the mangrove forests. So go ahead and take the day to enjoy floating under the lush canopy of the rainforest as you watch for birds, snakes, anteaters, white face monkeys, and even crocodiles.

Recommended ages are from six to sixty-six and lunch or dinner and transportation is included in the price. Just remember to pack plenty of environmentally friendly suntan lotion, your sunglasses, and of course, your bathing suit.

Departure time is dependent upon the tides but each trip lasts for about four hours. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Where to Stay When Visiting Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Staying at the wrong place when you’re on vacation can seriously dampen the fun you’re having on your trip. So it’s important to find the right hotel that can accommodate everyone’s needs.

At the Preserve at Los Altos, you’ll find that we’re not your typical resort. You’ll find that the Los Altos experience is defined by access without the excess. You can totally and completely expect luxury amenities — concierge, ocean-view spa, gourmet restaurant, infinity pool, fitness center, private beach — but without the stuffy pretension of being something we’re not.

We can also help you plan your activities that can include everything from ATV Quad adventure tours to horseback riding, and even surfing lessons. Your wish is our command.

So go ahead and find your perfect accommodations now. We know you’ll enjoy your stay with us.

How to Plan the Ultimate Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Vacation http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/ultimate-manuel-antonio-costa-rica-vacation/ Wed, 06 Sep 2017 15:12:06 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2777 Did you know there is a vacation destination that has earned the title “Happiest Country in the World?”

A tiny Central American country earned the title because its beauty inspires smiles. And, since this peaceful little country hasn’t had an army since 1948, the honor is well deserved.

Its reputation alone is enough to put a Costa Rica vacation at the top of your list. But it has so much more to offer.

Find out here why a vacation to the world’s happiest country becomes the perfect adventure when your destination is Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Vacation

Why Visit Manuel Antonio

For the ultimate Costa Rica vacation plan to stay in Manuel Antonio.

Located along the western shore, this quaint little town has the best of what Costa Rica offers. Lush jungles surround crystal blue waters and warm, sandy beaches.

Manuel Antonio features a long list of easy-to-get-to locations. Experience all the diverse ecosystems Costa Rica is famous for without having to drive for hours.

Any vacation in Costa Rica promises beauty, tranquility, and adventure. But it’s no wonder this beautiful beach town is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. 

When to Go

What type of weather-lover are you? Hot and dry or slightly cooler with some daily moisture?

Manuel Antonio has both covered.

The “dry season” runs from December to April. This is your typical tropical weather. And it’s the busiest season for any Costa Rica vacation.

If you enjoy meeting new people, a holiday vacation will not disappoint. From families celebrating the holidays tropical-style to folks wanting to warm up over winter, expect to make loads of new friends from all over the world. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is extremely popular.

The “rainy” or Green Season, as it’s called, is from May through November. Perfect if you prefer to avoid the crowds.

But don’t be fooled. The occasional afternoon downpours are brief and don’t get serious until later during the Green Season.

If a little rain doesn’t bother you, there’s a bonus for arriving in Manuel Antonio during this time of year. Lower hotel rates and more room on the beaches. Plus the rainforest is at it’s best — teeming with wildlife and the glories of nature.

What to Explore

No matter what your passion, numerous adventures await to indulge your inner explorer.

Here are some of the must-sees and -dos waiting for you to discover in Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This is an obvious choice. After all, you’re basically already there. 

Described as one of the most beautiful national parks in the world by Forbes Magazine the National Park at Manuel Antonio is a paradise for wildlife watchers. The refuge allows species to flourish. There are over 100 mammals and 280 species of birds hiding out in the dense foliage.

There are over 100 mammals and 280 species of birds hiding out in the dense foliage.

Observe playful monkeys, lazy three-toed sloths, vibrant toucans, Emerald Basilisk lizards, and yes, even snakes, in their natural habitat. To ensure you don’t leave without seeing some of these tricky hiders, book a guided tour.

Playa Biesanz

Situated in a secluded cove, access to this lesser-known beach is a hiking trail that meanders through lush wilderness. Keep your eyes and ears open, especially if you go early in the morning or as your depart in the afternoon. Squirrel and howler monkeys dwell high up in the jungle canopy.

Manuel Antonio’s unforgettable white-sand beaches are very popular. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds one day during your vacation, take a jaunt to beautiful Playa Biesanz.

Kids Saving the Rainforest

The name is not a mistake. Founded by two 9-year-olds in 1999, this rescue and rehabilitation facility is one of the most highly-respected wildlife refuges in Costa Rica.

They treat almost 150 injured and orphaned rainforest animals each year. 

The Kids Saving the Rainforest wildlife sanctuary offers tours. Not only do you learn about their amazing work, plan to see some creatures close up.

Watch the grace and poise of a variety of monkeys such as tiny tamarins, marmosets, spider monkeys, and the well-known white-faced monkey. The organization has also nursed exotic birds, kinkajous, and sloths back to health.

While there is no cost for admission, a donation to further their work is highly recommended.

Zip Line Canopy Tour

Want to experience the rainforest from a unique perspective? A zip line tour is the absolute must-do.

Enjoy the thrill of flying from platform to platform while experiencing the beauty of the jungle canopy. Your Costa Rica vacation will not soon be forgotten.


No Costa Rica vacation is complete without venturing into the open sea.

Inshore catches might include roosterfish, snapper, mackerel, amberjack, and grouper.

Looking to wrangle against some serious power? Head offshore for marlin, sailfish, dorado, and tuna.

The Quepos Marina Pez Vela is less than 8 km (just under 20 minutes) from Manuel Antonio. Ask your concierge for charter recommendations. 

Where to Stay

We’ve saved the Where for last since it will be your first step to planning the ultimate Costa Rica vacation.

Nestled among mangrove trees, howler-monkeys, and exotic birds lies a luxury resort and spa. Set high atop a plush, forested hill, the ocean view from The Preserve at Los Altos is enough to make you never want to leave.

With luxury, scenery, and an exclusive beach area this resort and spa is one-stop perfection.

Centrally located in Manuel Antonio, the multitude of tours and activities are easy to get to from your secluded location on the hill.

Our friendly concierge is available to reserve activities and arranges all necessary transportation to and from your adventures. Immerse yourself in nature and Costa Rican culture, without straying far from home base.

A Luxurious Costa Rica Vacation Awaits

From fully equipped condos to luxuriously appointed suites, The Preserve at Los Altos will make your Costa Rican dream vacation a reality.

We offer a variety of vacation packages to fit your style and your budget. Choose from a long list of boutique vacation packages, such as:

  • Our Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Family Vacation Package
  • The popular Romantic Adventurous Getaway
  • A Spa Vacation Package & Detox Retreat
  • Our Green Season Paradise 3×2 Beach Escape

Book your Costa Rica vacation now to receive a 20% discount on stays through December 19th, 2017.

No matter when you arrive, you’ll leave as one of the “Happiest People in the World.”

Finding Perfect Hotels in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/finding-perfect-hotels-in-manuel-antonio-costa-rica/ Fri, 04 Aug 2017 00:22:42 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2727 It’s time for your dream vacation. You’ve picked a location, Manuel Antonio, now it’s time to pick a hotel.

This can often be the most stressful part of planning a trip. With so many options, picking a hotel should be easy right?

Unfortunately for many of us, the wealth of hotel rooms can cause consternation. It can be hard to cut through the volumes of advertising, trip booking sites, reviews, and suggestions and find a room that is right for you, your family, your plans, your budget.

But don’t worry, help is here. Let’s look at some easy ways to choose the best hotel for you from all of the hotels in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Hotels in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica - Aerial View


Let’s start with price. While you want to enjoy this dream trip you don’t want to pay for it for years.

When searching for a hotel room, you should consider prices of course. But in doing so, consider what that price entails.

Are you paying for just a place to keep your bags and rest your head? Or are you paying for a full experience?

Some hotels may include a meal (or meals) in their nightly costs while others have special guest events, trips, and amenities. Make sure that you look past the price and see all that a hotel is including in it.

Location of Hotels in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

When considering your location, consider what you want to get out of your trip. Are you looking to relax and then be in bed by 9?

Or do you want to roll out of bed and be on the beach? And then do the opposite at night?

In Manuel Antonio visitors have a number of options for entertainment and relaxation. You might consider listing out what’s most important to you and your family.

This list will help narrow areas that you should consider staying. If relaxation is most important to you, you might want to look at places not directly next to the beach or in the center of the city.

On the other side, if you, as the old disco song went, “like the nightlife, like to boogie,” than a downtown location would work best for you. Finding a location that matches what you want to get out of the trip has other benefits as well.

You’ll most likely be with like minded travelers. Perhaps you’ll create lifelong friendships or, at the very least, you’ll all be following the same unwritten code of the traveler.

Let’s Go Do ___________

Once you arrive, what’s going to be happening on your trip? Is this a trip to the beach? Shopping excursion? Will you be enjoying nature? Texting your x-games endurance?

By now you know that you can do all of this and more in Manuel Antonio. Choose a top two or top three items for your agenda.

This helps give you a sense of course of what you might need for the tip but it also helps you decide where you might stay.

For example, Manuel Antonio National Park has whitewater rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, hiking and more. The park is about more than activities though.

Forbes has named it one of the 12 most beautiful parks in the world. if nature is your thing you might consider one of the hotels in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica that gives you the best view of the flora, fauna and other living entities of this area which prides its’ self as the home to over 300 species of wildlife.

Who’s Travelling

Is this a “you and friends” trip or “you and family?” This might be the first consideration you should make.

You’ll need to know not just for the size of a room but also for the activities. Some hotels and resorts are active in recruiting singles to stay there. This may not be where you want to spend the week with grandma. 


Definitely, read some reviews. In fact, read reviews on a couple of different travel sites. 

See what people say about the location and service and especially the cleanliness of the location. You certainly don’t want to bring back a souvenir that requires antibiotics.

If you want to be completely thorough though, you can even contact the local board of health and ask if there have been any concerns over a particular location. Just a little bit of research could make all of the difference in enjoying your trip to Manuel Antonio.

When to Book

Some people feel that you should wait to book until the last minute. This is less about making sure that your travel plans will fall not fall through and more about a belief that hotels will start to slash their rates as the days’ tick by.

While there may be some validity to this, you need to remember that Manuel Antonio is the most popular travel destination in Costa Rica. In fact, it’s made several travel lists as one of the top destinations in the world.

Because of this, you’re going to want to start looking for hotels in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica early. That way you can be sure to get the room you want, not the only one that’s available.

A Few Last Tips 

You’ll be happy to know that the majority of the hotels in the area have one eye on their visitors and the other eye on the environment. This means that you won’t have to put this into your list of considerations for lodging, it’s already being taken care of.

Another thing to be aware of is that the majority of the residents speak English. This makes the vacation transition a little easier for those traveling in from America.

A trip to Manuel Antonio can be one that exceeds your expectations. All it takes is a little planning up front and you can spend more time catching some sun and enjoying your trip and less time regretting your choice of hotels as you’re constantly traveling from hotel to destination and back again.

Take your time, do your research, and you’ll find the perfect hotel from all of the world class hotels in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica that fits your needs. Have an AMAZING trip.

For more information about The Preserve at Lost Altos Resort check out our facilities http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/manuel-antonio-costa-rica-resort-facilities/ and our spacious suites http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/manuel-antonio-costa-rica-accommodations/

If you have any questions feel free to contact us here. We are here to help you!

7 Ideas For a Costa Rica Honeymoon in Manuel Antonio http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/7-ideas-for-a-costa-rica-honeymoon-in-manuel-antonio/ Sat, 01 Jul 2017 07:59:50 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2659 Planning a luxury Costa Rica honeymoon in Manuel Antonio guarantees stunning views, delicious food, beautiful white sandy beaches, abundant wildlife, sparkly turquoise water and even lush jungle treks or water sports.

Costa Rica Honeymoon

You can relax on a catamaran – cocktail in hand – one day, and kayak through mangroves the next.

Whether you’re staying just a few days, a week or even fortnight, there is a whole host of activities to embrace.

Let’s jump in!

Hike the national park

Established in 1972, the Manuel Antonio National Park is pretty special. Even though it’s the smallest national park in Costa Rica, it consists of 1,700 acres of land and over 130,000 acres of water. It was rated one of 12 most beautiful national parks by Forbes in 2011 and remains one of the most visited parks in the country.

It’s hard to beat the immense natural beauty and biodiversity found within. In fact, there’s such a huge variety of wildlife and nature present in the park that it’s widely regarded as one of the most biologically diverse spots on the planet.

Explore the diverse hiking trails, eat a picnic by the waterfall and swim in the crystal clear sea (check out Playa Manuel Antonio). You’re also guaranteed to spot some wildlife along the way too. Keep and eye out for monkeys, frogs, snakes, deer and more.

The cherry on top? You can easily hike the park in one full day.

The park is open Tuesday-Sunday, 7am–4pm. Entrance fee is $16 for foreigners.

Another option is to hike the trails at the Preserve at Los Altos. The trails are free of charge and a great alternative. Whether it’s a hike to the swimming hole or Los Altos’ Karolas Beach, you’ll have no shortage of beautiful sights photograph and nature to experience. We offer morning and nighttime tours to suit all needs.

Get out on the ocean

A Costa Rica honeymoon in Manuel Antonio begs you to get out on the water. Float in the shallow, clear blue water with your other half for total bliss. Or, if you want to take things to the next level, read on.

On Playa Espadilla Norte, the beach outside the national park, you can go parasailing and experience an incredible bird’s eye view of the national park from the air. Nothing is more romantic than getting lost in the clouds as the ocean sparkles beneath you.

It’s not a cheap activity but the views are one of a kind – definitely worth the splurge.

You can take a 15 or 30 (luxury) minute ride. It costs $85 for a single for 15 minutes, $140 for a double and $185 for a triple. You can book on the beach itself or contact a parasailing company through us. 

Another option is a sunset cruise or snorkeling tour. You might even be lucky enough to spot dolphins or whales along the way.

Kayak through Damas Island Mangrove

The nearby mangrove is an excellent place to enjoy a leisurely day wildlife watching as it never gets too crowded. If you choose to go with a guide, they will point out different wildlife along the way too.

Even though you can see plenty of wildlife in the national park, the mangrove is home to different animals and has a completely different vibe.

Get your adrenaline pumping

There are many tours and activities to do in Manuel Antonio, from zip lining to ATV tours, rappelling and much more. If you want a break from lounging on the beach, this may be just the ticket! Check out the various one day tours and get that heart racing on your Costa Rica honeymoon.

Take a day trip to Dominical or Uvita

From Manuel Antonio, you can take a day trip to Dominical or Uvita to see more of the South Pacific. Dominical is only a 45-minute drive away so you can easily spend a whole day there. 

You can hike or take a horseback riding tour to the beautiful waterfalls and spend the day swimming in the pool. What could be better?

You can also check out the town, Dominical beach or even visit another national park, Marino Ballena in Uvita. 

Relax on stunning beaches

Costa Rica is nestled between the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. From upscale, groomed shores to remote patches of sandy bliss, there’s genuinely something for everyone. 

Although there are four stunning beaches in Manuel Antonio National Park, they can become very crowded. Playa Biesanz is a hidden gem in the park itself.

Watching the sun go down along one of the many beaches is a definite must do and something you’ll be able to enjoy every evening during your Costa Rica honeymoon in Manuel Antonio.

Whilst much of the land on the top of the hill is private or hotel/restaurant owned, the good news is that you can see the sunset for free at the beach. Playa Espadilla offers stunning views from sea level at no cost. From here, you’ll find massage services, surf lessons and drinks stands. 

Looking for something on your doorstep? The exclusive beach at Los Altos Resort and Spa redefines the art of tropical escape. Pull up a lounge chair and relax!

Explore local Costa Rican food

Foodies won’t be disappointed by Costa Rican cuisine. Local fare bursts to life with sweet plantains, rice, beans and vegetables. Wash it down with a ‘natural,’ which translates to a fresh fruit juice.

The open air restaurant at Los Altos allows you to enjoy local cuisine alongside the lush tropical rainforest. 

Cost Rica Honeymoon Ideas: Final Word

There’s no doubt about it, you’ll make lifelong memories on a Costa Rica honeymoon. What’s more, the luxury Preserve at Los Altos will cater to all your needs and wishes, making it the trip of a lifetime.

When you leave the resort, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to exciting activities, beautiful nature, and rich cultural heritage.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today.

Check out our exclusive honeymoon packages: http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/manuel-antonio-costa-rica-romantic-honeymoon-packages/

The 5 Best Manuel Antonio Beaches http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/the-5-best-manuel-antonio-beaches/ Thu, 01 Jun 2017 00:35:28 +0000 http://pruebas.thepreserveatlosaltos.com/?p=2632 Are you thinking of planning a trip to Costa Rica? The beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio should be at the top of your bucket list. 

One of the top Manuel Antonio beaches

If you’re not familiar with the area, Manuel Antonio is located off of Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast. The area is famous for having one of the most popular national parks in the country. It also has plenty of biodiversity, which attracts lots of nature lovers and adventure seekers. 

However, after a day of hiking or other adventurous activity, there’s nothing better than a long beach walk to unwind and relax.   While all of Costa Rica is famous for its beaches, the Manuel Antonio beaches have something for everyone. If you’re just visiting, all of the different beaches can be confusing. This means that it’s important to educate yourself before arriving.

Many of the beaches in the area are known by a few different names. It’s always wise to know which beach you’re on since some aren’t safe for swimming. Of course, it’s advisable to pay attention to lifeguards and park rangers warnings before swimming at any beach. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve developed a list of our favorite beaches in Manuel Antonio. In this post, we’re showing you the highlights of each. Here are five of the best beaches in the area to add to your must-see list: 

1. Playa Espadilla 

If you’re planning on bringing the family on an adventure to Manuel Antonio, this is one the best Manuel Antonio beaches for you. This beach is commonly known as Playa Espadilla. It is also known around town as Playa Primera or Playa Numero Uno. 

It is a large public beach that’s located near the entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park. So, it’s also a great place to stop after a long day of adventures in the park. 

The family-friendly nature of this beach makes it perfect for just about any activity such as swimming, soccer or just laying around with a good book. It features a sandy beach that stretches out for nearly a mile, so it’s also a great spot to wind down with a long, leisurely beach watch. 

This beach is well known among tourists, so it can get busy at times. It is also the closest beach to downtown Manuel Antonio, so it’s not the most secluded and private on our list. 

There are lifeguards on hand during daylight hours. Still, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for the rip currents that often occur off the shore of this beach. 

2. Playa Espadilla Sur 

You might recognize that the name of this beach simply means south of Playa Espadilla, and that’s exactly where it’s located. Again, it is commonly known as Playa Espadilla Sur, but can also be known as Playa Dos or Playa Segunda. 

It also happens to be inside of Manuel Antonio national park. While this is a beautiful and relaxing beach when the weather is clam, it is also one of the most dangerous and prone to currents in rough weather. This means that you’ll need to be on your guard when in the water.

3. Playa La Mancha 

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds of Playa Espadilla, Playa La Mancha is the perfect spot for you. It’s famous for being one of the quietest and most serene Manuel Antonio beaches. 

You have to be willing to put in a little work to get this beach, though. The trail that leads to this beach is tricky and difficult to locate if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. 

Once you reach the beach, however, the hike is well worth the trouble. You’ll find tons of beautiful scenery and the perfect spot to sunbathe in total peace. This is the perfect spot for honeymooners or anyone else just looking for a little rest and relaxation. 

4. Playa Biesanz 

This beach is another public beach that is slightly more hidden than Playa Espadilla, but again it is worth the extra work to find it. 

A short trail hike will lead you to beautiful soft sandy beaches. As one of the public Manuel Antonio beaches, this one can get crowded. Thankfully, there’s a hidden gem that’s not too far away. 

For some extra privacy, head over to the nearby Punta Quepos. This peninsula is equally beautiful but much more private than Playa Biesanz. 

We recommend checking out this beach early on in the day. The beach is lined with high cliffs that tend to block out the sun in the afternoon hours and make the beach dark. 

While this isn’t ideal for sun bathing, the beach is just as beautiful any time of the day. 

5. La Playita 

The name of this beach literally means “small beach” so, as you would expect, this beach is one of the smaller ones on our list. However, even though it’s small, it still shouldn’t be missed. 

This small but relaxing beach is located on the northern end of Playa Espadilla.

It is particularly popular among the gay community in Manuel Antonio. This beach used to be nude, however the booming hotel and tourist industry has since changed it to be more family-friendly. 

One thing to note is that this beach is only accessible before or after high tide. This means that it’s important to plan your trip ahead of time. It’s also a good idea to wear proper footwear, because the hike to it is very rocky.

Learn More About Manuel Antonio Beaches 

As you can see, the Manuel Antonio beaches are beautiful, and these are just a few. In order to explore all that this town has to offer, we recommend planning a trip to come and see for yourself.

Are you ready to start planning your trip? We encourage you to visit our website and get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer. 

Our hotel is just a short distance away from all of these beaches and so much more. We offer fully-equipped, condo style suites that are family friendly and feature beautiful views of the ocean and jungle. Book your stay with us today!