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Giving Back | Los Altos Resort

Giving Back

Blue Flag Ecological Program

Costa Rica has become world famous for its inspirational sustainability policies toward its natural environment. From these policies, commitments and pledges to environmental sustainability Costa Rica has earned itself a reputation unlike any other country in the world. Our goal at Los Altos Resort is to honor Costa Rica’s commitment to the country’s bountiful and biodiverse natural environment. We believe it is the responsibility of Costa Rican citizens as well as international visitors to believe in, support, and practice sustainable methods to ensure the preservation of Costa Rica’s natural environment for generations to come.

With that in mind, Los Altos Resort is deeply honored to be the recipient of the highly regarded Blue Flag. The Ecological Blue Flag Program was created in an effort to encourage beach preservation in the context of promoting public health and environmentally sustainable tourism. When we decided to build our resort in Manuel Antonio it had everything to do with the town’s unique coastal-mountain location, a veritable crossroads of plant and animal life. Of course, we understand that any kind of development can threaten an ecosystem so we sought to design our resort with the intention of creating minimal impact.

Our beach is an especially treasured aspect of the Los Altos experience and our intention there was to maintain its natural atmosphere above all else. Of course, we wanted to make it accessible to our guests, but not at the expense of them being able to experience what a true Costa Rican beach looks and feels like. In line with our commitment to the Blue Flag Ecological Program we posted relevant signs of the beach to make it safe and are committed on a daily basis to maintain the cleanliness of the beach.

In addition to the work we conduct on our resort, Los Altos has also conducted outreach educational programs within the Manuel Antonio-Quepos community. One of our most beloved staff members, Emzo, has kindly recruited his wife, a teacher, for these educational outreach programs. She has worked with schools to educate students about the need and effectiveness of recycling programs. In the coming years, we hope to continue our commitment to education and preservation in Manuel Antonio and Costa Rica.

The Quepos Soccer School

Los Altos Resort has two goals: one, to provide guests with an extraordinary and unforgettable Manuel Antonio vacation experience and two, to establish and maintain a meaningful connection with the community of Manuel Antonio. Four years ago we were approached by Henry Arroyo, a Manuel Antonio native, about a soccer school that he was interested in starting for the youth of Manuel Antonio and Quepos. Henry told us he wanted to start a soccer program that emphasized athletics as much as it did academics. We were immediately inspired by his project and became one of Henry’s earliest sponsors.

The Quepos Soccer School has grown immensely since, providing local adolescents and teenagers with the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary athletic program. Through our sponsorship, we have provided The Quepos Soccer School with a jerseys, soccer balls, nets, and more. What makes The Quepos Soccer School even more effective is that Henry will bring soccer professionals to conduct workshops with the students. In an effort to facilitate this process, Los Altos happily provides room and board to these important out of town guests.

We believe that programs such as The Quepos Soccer School are an essential part of the Manuel Antonio-Quepos community. Our interest is in becoming an active and supportive member of this community. We are constantly looking for ways to participate in our community and look forward to doing so for years to come.

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